Hi there! This page offers you all the current links of symposion. If you have any questions, please contact us.


The first icon (Google logo) is the link to the sign-up form for Philosophy Night talks.

The second icon (blank page) is the sign up form for Activity Committee Leidsche Wandelspeurtocht

The third icon (Teams) is the link to the Philosophy Night Teams

The fourth icon (Teams) is the link to Thesis Night Teams

The fith icon (Up Arrow) is the link for Almuni Event Teams

The sixth icon (blank page) is the Podcastion Sign up form

The seventh icon (down arrow) is the Art Clubs sign up form

The eight icon (blank document) is the Faculty Symposion Music Facebook link with all links

The ninth icon (right arrow) is the Game Night Backyard link

The tenth icon (last arrow) is the Beer Tasting sign up form

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